Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Exercise in Profanity

I will fight you. Yeah, you! Come over here! Too much of a pussy, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought! Man, what a great game! I never thought we were gonna pull it out, but then, shit, just like prom night! Fuck! That pass! Damn! Man, he was streaking on the sidelines, and POW! In his gloves like a rocket! Ran with it like he motherfucking stole it! Ooowee! I couldn't believe it! Just sitting there, drinking my beer, and then whoa shit! Game over! Did you see that little pussy bawling over there? Ruined his trip that's for sure! Make you grow up real fast! Oh Jesus, nothing makes me happier than a grown-man's game making a little boy cry! What a bitch! Ha ha! But shit, our coach needs to quit fuckin' around! Fuck! That shit he called at the end of the game, motherfuck! I ain't never seen shit like that! Man, our guards can't protect nobody, can't even protect themselves. And they're supposed to make our guy safe? Bullshit! Man, if I was in there, I would say, "All pass, all the time! Don't nobody say otherwise! We gonna KILL these cocksuckers!" I mean, look, did you see the end? When we fucked over those cocksuckers with our motherfuckin' air attack, shit went down! Game over! And then, going for two to seal the deal? That was motherfuckin… What? What the fuck you say? Your little bitch team got shit! You got shit! Your whole motherfucking city got shit! That's right, asshole! Shit! Get the fuck out of here before I pull out my bat and make you wish you never fuckin' left your piece of shit house! Get back! Fuck off! Damn. Linda, you think I could've taken him? I think so. His little pussy arms. No, don't remind me. I know I got a bad back. Fuck! Linda! I know! Worker's comp is paying for the accident! Why do we have to bring money into this shit? I just won twenty bucks! Drinks on me, assholes! Where do you all want to go? Nah, fuck that place. Too many assholes, it's like a fuckin' watering hole for douchebags. Are you a douchebag? Yeah, you are, but can't say it? Where else? Yeah, I feel you. Titties for shit! Oh, Linda, shut up! We gonna go look at some titties, then we can uncork your titties all up in my face, then I can uncork in YOUR face! Fuck yeah! What? You don't want to go? What is this shit? Man, I work hard all fuckin' week to put clothes on my back and food in your fat ass! Oww! The fuck you slap me for? I work hard, I wear jeans! Every day! Get back here! Fuck, let her go. Shit. Well, Jim, let's go get us some pussy. I need some pussy after that shit. Game got me a motherfuckin' hard-on! No, that shit's not gay, that shit's for real! Yeah! Shit… You think she's coming back? Man, I fucked up, man. No, I know. I just, I get so fucking EXCITED after the game, I just… Fuck. Man, do you think I should call her? Yeah, you're right, get pussy first, get my rocks off, I'll be ready for fucking anything. That's what a man is! Fuck yeah! Ah shit. Man, let's just go home. I'm done here.

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